​​Proposed amendment to the assessment of Chinese and Japanese AS and A levels​

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Closes 31 May 2023


This consultation sets out Ofqual’s proposed amendment to the assessment requirements for AS and A level Chinese and Japanese qualifications being taught from autumn 2024. Ofqual’s proposal is in response to a Department for Education (DfE) consultation on changes to its AS and A level subject content for the 2 logographic languages, Chinese and Japanese. One of DfE’s proposals is that the questions and responses for comprehension (listening and reading) tasks should be in English, rather than in the language of study. Ofqual does not have a requirement that specifies the language in which questions should be asked. It does currently have an assessment requirement that limits how many marks can be used for responses in English. To enable DfE's proposed change to its subject content to take effect, Ofqual would need to change this requirement. Through this consultation, Ofqual is seeking views on whether, and if so how, it should amend this requirement for AS and A level qualifications in Chinese and Japanese.  

The proposed amendment would take effect for qualifications being taught from autumn 2024. It would, therefore, apply to A level exams from summer 2026 onwards (no AS qualifications are currently offered in these languages). 

Ofqual will consider all responses to this consultation before reaching a decision. Ofqual’s decision will also depend upon the decisions DfE takes following its consultation on its subject content.