Ofqual review into late or inaccurate VTQ results: Call for Evidence

Closed 3 Jan 2023

Opened 5 Dec 2022


The summer was a significant step in terms of returning the qualifications system to pre-pandemic business as usual. As you know, this year we saw a return to exams and formal assessments, and across the country we saw more than 600,000 results awarded to students between March and August, across almost 400 vocational qualifications (VTQs). 

While the vast majority of students received accurate results on time, some did not. For a student not to receive their results when they either legitimately expect them, or need them for the purpose of progression, is completely unacceptable.  

Ofqual has initiated a full review of why some results were delayed or incorrect so that we can fully understand the factors that may have contributed to this. This review will inform our recommendations to prevent delays and incorrect issuing of results happening again. 

We would like to invite you to contribute to the review, to understand the cause of the issues with delayed or incorrect VTQ results in August 2022, and how this may be similar or different to other years.  We are interested in your experiences with VTQs most like GCSE, AS and A levels that are used for progression into Further or Higher Education. 

We value your contribution, and we would like to thank you for taking the time to share your experience of delivering VTQs in 2022 and in previous years.   

Please be as specific as possible in your responses. This will help us to interpret your response in relation to other evidence which we are collecting.  Where applicable please provide: 

  • The name of the qualification, and the awarding organisation 

  • The approximate number of students involved 

  • The timing: when did specific events happen (please provide an estimate if you aren’t able to provide exact timings) 


Please submit your responses by 23:59 on 28th February, 2023.  


  • Teachers
  • Schools and colleges
  • Staff


  • Vocational and technical qualifications