Proposed changes to the assessment of mathematics, physics and combined science GCSEs in 2023

Closed 20 Oct 2022

Opened 29 Sep 2022


Proposals at a glance

Ofqual invites your views on proposed adaptations to the assessment of GCSEs in mathematics, physics and combined science for students in England taking exams in 2023.

The Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed that in view of the disruption caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is not necessary for students to memorise formulae for GCSE mathematics and equations for GCSE physics and combined science, as they must in a normal year. Therefore, we propose carrying forward from summer 2022 the provision of support materials, in the form of formulae and revised equation sheets, in the exams for GCSE mathematics, physics and combined science.


This consultation is likely to be of interest to:

  • students, including private candidates, who are expecting to take GCSE exams in 2023 and their parents and carers
  • teachers of these qualifications
  • school and college leaders and heads of other types of exam centre
  • unions
  • exams officers
  • the exam boards that will provide the exams
  • those who use qualifications to make selection decisions: further and higher education institutions and employers

Consultation arrangements


The consultation will be open for 3 weeks starting on 29 September 2022 and ending on 20 October 2022 at 11:45pm. We have set the length of this consultation so that decisions can be announced as early as possible in this academic year, giving students, teachers and exam boards time to plan for exams taking place next summer.


Please respond to this consultation by completing the online response form.

What happens next

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This information will now be analysed and the findings will be published on our website.

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  • Anyone from any background


  • GCSEs